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      Muldoon Animal Feed Rigid Vehicle

      With over 30 years experience manufacturing Bulk Vehicles designed specifically for the road transportation of bulk materials, our bulk bodies bring quality, efficiency, durability along with highest operational standards to todays competitive transport and haulage industry.

      We can advise you on your specific requirements covering weights, lengths, wheelbase and measurments etc to ensure the optimum results for your investment.

      All work is carried out to stringent quality standards using the highest quality components available. All our bodies and trailers carry a 1 year warranty while proprietary and mechanical parts are also covered by a 1 year guarantee.

      With the option of fixed side monocoque or smooth sided alloy bodies, durable lightweight aluminium offers incredible strength and versatility.


      • Smooth or Ribbed Side Alloy Body
      • CCTV Camera & Monitor
      • On Board Weighing System
      • Wheel Disinfecting System