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      Muldoon Chassis

      At Muldoon Transport Sytems Ltd, we have undertaken extensive research and development to achieve the best possible chassis available.

      Using the highest quality materials available, latest design and technology, we provide chassis which are tailored to meet specific bodybuilders requirements.

      Key Features

      • Chassis built to body builder requirements for various applications such as tippers, curtainsiders, fridges etc.
      • EBS Braking with roll stability
      • Sealed loom electrics
      • High tensile swedish steel/I Beam Chassis
      • LED Stop and Tail Lamps, LED Side Markers


      • Drum or Disc Axles on Air Suspension
      • Straight or Step Frame Chassis
      • Aluminium Chassis
      • Alloy Wheels
      • Supplied in primer or fully painted
      • Lift Axle
      • Sidewinder Positive Rear Steer System
      • Mudguards
      • Many other extras to suit body builder specifications.