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      Muldoon Curtainsider Trailer

      We at Muldoon provide SPECIALIST curtainsiders or curtainsider chassis which are completely INDIVIDUAL. We do not manufacture repeat type trailers but tailor every trailer to suit the requirements of each individual customer.

      Each curtainsider has a lot of features as standard but we also offer many additional options to ensure the end product will fulfil the requirements of each customer in catering for THEIR INDIVIDUAL industry needs.

      Key Features

      • I Beam Chassis formed with high tensile swedish steel for increased payloads
      • EBS braking with roll stability
      • LED stop and tail lamps and LED side markers
      • 2 x 2 weave curtains
      • Flush fitting rear doors
      • Ratchet tensioners front and rear
      • Sliding posts
      • Keruing or Wisa deck floor
      • Aluminium folding sideguards
      • Fixed Roof


      • Drum or Disc Axles
      • Lift Axle
      • Chip Liner Curtains
      • Rollover Cover Roof
      • Tail Lift
      • Moffett Mounty Kit
      • Roller Shutter Door
      • Sidewinder Positive Rear Steer Axle
      • Spare Wheel Carrier